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My Interests

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You can call me a computer freak. Exploring things in internet is now become my passion. My interest towards computers started when I was in standard 8th. It was then I started working with DOS (Disk Operating System), GWBASIC (1st coding tool I learnt). Those school days really miss them.

It was then my interests towards computers started. It was then we got a computer for our shop to maintain accounts for the shop, which helped me a lot to explore more. Well here I never knew about Internet still. My first id was, which I still use it sometimes.

My first computer programming language was GWBASIC , then FOXPRO, then C, and so on.

Bangalore was my exploring city to explore Internet, which made me technology freak then.

In terms of Stroage I started with collecting 3.4″ floppies. then gradually upgraded to then CDs and DVDs, then Pen drives (256MB) etc, then to Portable hard drives (80 GB), then to External Hard drives (1TB) and Finally I’m on Multimedia External Hard drives.

Keyboard (Synthesizer) and Guitar:

Passion to play keyboard like a professional does, which can be done only until I learn notations.

I do have my guru in Binnaguri, Jalpaiguri(WB) who taught me the Chords, and the 7 sur (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni) of music. Which helped me a lot to improve my concentration skills.

This stated when I was small may be standard 6th or 7th standard I used play songs, actually my sister knew little bit and I used to play on the same. And now I can play a bit better, but I’m not best or very good player. The best chance I got was in standard 10th, where I got a chance to play in our school’s silver jubilee function where I played the Jingle bell song. Then in college that was PESIT inter college fest, where I played (Deewana tera, Sonu Nigam’s), and 2 more songs, which I barely remember, and we won. That was the time when I felt that I underestimated myself. I’m very bad on maintaining the timing, hope in coming days will improve it.


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